We are the luckiest pet sitters in Brooklyn!

Posted by on Mar 23, 2016 in About Us, Our Furry Friends

When Boni and I both lost our jobs in 2008 & 2009 it was pretty shocking. And scary. But, things happen for a reason. Two doors closed and hundreds of doors opened. Doors to our clients (human & pet) homes. Last year we had a new website created by the incredibly smart and talented Jacque Wadsworth of ImageSwim Branding & Design. The one thing our gallery of pet client photos needed was for each picture to be named. I said I would do this. Nine months later I am embarking on this project, and as I see every picture of every pet we have cared for it makes me feel that we are truly the luckiest pet sitters in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Some pets have moved and other have passed away and each time I name those photos I get a lump in my throat. At the same time we continue to bring on new clients to Small World Pet Sitters. Thank you so much.