Using your voice to help animals in need: the power of speaking up

Posted by on Jul 31, 2015 in Animals in Need

We started Small World Pet Sitters from a place of love for animals.

Along the way, we have gotten calls to help people with feral cat populations in their backyards, an animal that needs a new home and most recently helping to get two dogs living in the backyard of a grocery store,  to safety.

I have never felt that I was able to help. My voice was not a powerful one and a lot of times when asked for help I was left standing frozen in fear.

But a couple of weeks ago I saw the power of speaking up. The power of posting something on FB and watching it get shared over and over again. The power of a tweet. The dogs in back of the grocery store were rescued by a detective, a knight in shining armor, part of the Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad. I had a link to a voice that was more powerful than my own. It showed that while every police officer can’t step in and help there are some that are trained specifically to help animals in need.

I don’t feel scared anymore because I feel like there are teams of people out there that have giant powerful voices. And if you can align yourself with these people change can happen.

This is why I love Oprah. She has always aligned herself with people in different areas of life, where alone they may not have the ability to touch so many. But Oprah is well liked and she brings topics, like meditation and living a life of grace, to the masses. That is amazing.

Jimmy Kimmel recently did a monologue about the death of Cecil the lion by the American dentist. Here is a man that goes into the homes of many people each night. I bet he touched people that don’t think there is anything wrong with hunting an animal for sport. Even if some of those people begin to think in a different way, he touched them.

My point of this post is this. You have a voice, so use it. Even if your voice is small find others that have louder voices. They are there waiting to speak very loudly for the animals that can’t speak for themselves.