Have kitten, the officers pooped the trunk: a rescue story

Posted by on Sep 7, 2015 in Animals in Need

What I really meant to say was “I have the kitten, the officers were able to pop the hood and grab the kitten”.

In a state of panic and joy I typed away typos to my Facebook posting on my tiny phone named Leon.

Boni was finishing up his last cat sit yesterday on Ocean Avenue near Avenue I. He was locking up his bike and he heard crying. Sounded like a small cat. He looked around and could not locate where it was coming from. He completed his visit and went to his bike and heard the sound again. The kitten was under an old Chevrolet van but he could not reach it. He called me and said he was not leaving until it was safe, that was my cue to get one of our carriers, some wet food, treats and metrocard and meet him.

When I arrived he scooted his whole Boni under the van as I stood in the street and “protected” him from the drivers on Ocean Avenue. He could not touch or see the kitty anymore but it kept meowing. It sounded like it had made it’s way to the engine and was right under the hood.

I called 911 who connected me to 311. Instead of listening to all the recordings and promps I called the 70 precinct myself and spoke to Officer Alvarez. He was really friendly and said he would have two of his officers on duty who were out responding to noise complaints come to help. Fifteen minutes later they arrived, Officers Quader and Callender. They ran the plates and called the owner who was at a picnic in the Bronx and would not be back for hours. Then they called ESU, Emergency Services Unit. A gigantic truck came about 30 minutes later. In the mean time I called Sean Casey and was able to speak to him and he gave us some good advice. The two officers from ESU were able to pop the hood and there was the teeny tiny dirty kitten trying to run back down through the engine. Officer Brander, from ESU, grabbed the kitten, handed him to me and I put him into the carrier. 20150906_181613-2

The other ESU officer said, “What you walk around with carriers?”.  Everyone started laughing and I said, “No I do not”.

I called Mex Express for a car service, the driver turned out to be allergic to cats but after I told him the whole story he said , “You helped the cat, I help you.”

He dropped me at VERG South. The vet tech and vet on duty were very nice and checked Chevy over and confirmed he has fleas and ear mites. They whisked him away for an overnight hospitalization stay so that I could find him a foster home.


I don’t know how rescuers do it. I am in awe of them but it is really stressful. And I know a lot of people may think, oh it’s just one little kitten. But you know as Chevy and I gazed at each other in the exam room, I thought about our cats, Bella, Meca, Stanley and Emma. All 4 of them at one point in their lives were just like Chevy. And someone came along and rescued them. And now they are in our home bringing us so much joy and love on a daily basis.


Update: Chevy in his foster home