29 May 2018

Pet sitters that rescue in Flatbush Brooklyn

Over the past two weeks we have successfully rescued two cats. Rescue #1  A man that lived in a house across the street from us was evicted from his home and his 5-month old kitten was left on the front porch. I only became aware of this because we heard non-stop crying from our window. […]

26 Apr 2017

Is a lockbox with keys really secure when it comes to your security?

Last week I was finishing up a dog walk at a large rental building in Ditmas Park. A young lady was stooped down next to the gate on a basement window. While having an intense conversation on her phone, her cell and a dog leash in one hand, the other hand was opening a lock box. The dog […]

23 Mar 2016

We are the luckiest pet sitters in Brooklyn!

When Boni and I both lost our jobs in 2008 & 2009 it was pretty shocking. And scary. But, things happen for a reason. Two doors closed and hundreds of doors opened. Doors to our clients (human & pet) homes. Last year we had a new website created by the incredibly smart and talented Jacque […]

29 Sep 2015

Why hire us vs. the kid next door, neighbor, family member or friend?

Before we started Small World Pet Sitters we had a good friend come and take care of our cats when we went away. Up until the last time, when our friend overslept and was late for work and could not come to feed and give medications to one of our cats, we knew this solution was not ideal. Years […]

24 Sep 2015

Small World Pet Sitters: client spotlight, Time to Pet!!

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We finally transitioned to a pet care customer scheduling software this past summer. It was a long time in the making. Demo after demo we fell in love with Time to Pet. Michael Grenier and Kyle Thielk are awesome. Thank you both so much for including us as a client spotlight this month. Click on the image […]

20 Jul 2015

Happy clients equals happy cat sitters in Flatbush

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We love our clients (plus their guardians) and our community. That’s why we became cat sitters in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Over the years clients have left us little notes. We fold them up and keep them in a “happy client jar”. Happy clients equal happy cat sitters (and dog walkers)! Our primary goal here at Small World Pet […]

18 Jun 2015

A glimpse into our world…

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A bulletin board can tell you a lot about a person. Here is the bulletin board at the Small World Pet Sitters headquarters. Can you tell what we love?

10 Jun 2015

Welcome to our new website!

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Hello! We have been working hard getting our new website up and running and we are happy to announce… Here it is! You can look forward to lots more pet photos and pet paintings and we are also starting a blog (you are here now) where we will post news, pet information and general musings […]