Ann helps with a dog rescue in Flatbush!

Posted by on Jul 16, 2015 in News

Recently Small World Pet Sitters was the catalyst for a dog rescue in Flatbush. We are very passionate about the humane treatment of animals. When one of our clients showed Ann two dogs being kept in inhumane conditions Ann used Facebook to turn to help. Read about this recent dog rescue in the Ditmas Park Corner.

Ann gives advice for people who see animal cruelty in the article. Here is what she says in the article:

Don’t be afraid to speak up. The animals that are abused and neglected do not have a voice, so we have to be it for them. Take pictures; they go a long way. Call 311 and file complaints. You can do it online too. Call 911. Call your local precinct. Tell your friends. Post on Facebook. Tag rescue groups. The detective from ACIS told me about 15 complaints had come through about these dogs and calling 311 and 911 was the way to go.

The more people that know, the stronger the voice becomes. Animals are not property. I understand everyone might not want to snuggle with their pet (the way I do ) but a mutual respect is so important.

Cases of neglect or cruelty fall under the purview of law enforcement but stray, starving animals do not, and that is where the hundreds of ordinary citizens like you and me and countless others pick up the slack. Anyone can empower themselves to help animals in need, and there are resources to do so. (TNR workshops at theMayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, Alley Cat Allies, etc.)