Giving back to the Flatbush community- the community of cats that is!

Posted by on Apr 23, 2017 in Animals in Need

Boni and I take care of a feral cat colony across the street from our building. Each night we go there and give fresh food and water. Some nights there are 5 cats waiting, sometimes more. Another woman that does rescue and a guy that works on Flatbush Avenue also helps to feed the colony. One cat, who we have named Ethel has been pregnant a couple of times. We are pretty sure our tripod kitty Lily is one of her offspring from a past litter. A good friend Phoebe, who does tons of local rescue came over one night with a conventional trap and a drop trap. Phoebe, Boni and I went out as the sun went down to set up. Believe it or not we got Ethel after 10 minutes of waiting for her to come to the feeding station. It doesn’t always work like that but we were lucky. Phoebe kept her overnight than the next morning we took her to Faithful Friends Animal Hospital where she was spayed. We recovered her at Phoebe’s for 5 days. We all took shifts cleaning out the crate, giving fresh food and love. Day 5 Boni and I released her back to the colony. She is there first in line every night for dinner. 

If you are interested in TNR you can get certified by NYC Feral Cat Initiative .

There are so many cats out on the street and it may seem overwhelming on how to even help. At least that is how it was for us. But every little bit that you do helps.