29 May 2018

Pet sitters that rescue in Flatbush Brooklyn

Over the past two weeks we have successfully rescued two cats. Rescue #1  A man that lived in a house across the street from us was evicted from his home and his 5-month old kitten was left on the front porch. I only became aware of this because we heard non-stop crying from our window. […]

23 Apr 2017

Giving back to the Flatbush community- the community of cats that is!

Boni and I take care of a feral cat colony across the street from our building. Each night we go there and give fresh food and water. Some nights there are 5 cats waiting, sometimes more. Another woman that does rescue and a guy that works on Flatbush Avenue also helps to feed the colony. […]

27 Oct 2016

Small World Animal Rescue fall fundraiser- Stroll through Prospect Park

Hello friends. I love cats (and dogs, rabbits, birds…). My love of animals has led me to work with Small World Animal Rescue. This is in no relation to our pet sitting business Small World Pet Sitters. It just happens to be a small world We get calls everyday from people just like you letting […]

19 Apr 2016

Wellington purrs like a motorboat and loves to show his tummy!!

We are posting this for an awesome client who volunteers with For Animals Inc, A NYC rescue group. Wellington is approximately three years old and a complete love. Sadly, he was hit by a car before his rescue and has a limp, but he doesn’t let his injury stop him! He purrs like a motorboat […]

21 Oct 2015

Adventures in pet sitting in Ditmas Park Brooklyn!

Last weekend I was taking care of a very sweet gentle dog while his person was away. I did overnight stays with him in addition to mid day walks. Monday morning we woke up at 5:30am. Brushed my teeth, got dressed, got D in his harness and we left the apartment to go for a walk. […]

7 Sep 2015

Have kitten, the officers pooped the trunk: a rescue story

What I really meant to say was “I have the kitten, the officers were able to pop the hood and grab the kitten”. In a state of panic and joy I typed away typos to my Facebook posting on my tiny phone named Leon. Boni was finishing up his last cat sit yesterday on Ocean Avenue near […]

31 Jul 2015

Using your voice to help animals in need: the power of speaking up

We started Small World Pet Sitters from a place of love for animals. Along the way, we have gotten calls to help people with feral cat populations in their backyards, an animal that needs a new home and most recently helping to get two dogs living in the backyard of a grocery store,  to safety. […]