Small World Animal Rescue fall fundraiser- Stroll through Prospect Park

Posted by on Oct 27, 2016 in Animals in Need, News

Hello friends. I love cats (and dogs, rabbits, birds…). My love of animals has led me to work with Small World Animal Rescue. This is in no relation to our pet sitting business Small World Pet Sitters. It just happens to be a small world

We get calls everyday from people just like you letting us know about a cat they found, a kitten that is sick or a cat that needs to be re-homed. If it was a perfect world we would help every single cat that crosses our path. Rescue costs money and this is where the rest of the world comes in asĀ the reality of rescue is that vetting, food, medications, litter etc do cost money and the expenses add up.

On November 13th I will be walking through Prospect Park in honor of all the cats out there that need help. If you can walk with me let me know. But you do not need to walk to donate.

There are 4 teams: Team Wolverina, Team Dumpling, Team Uni and Team Oliver.

Our total goal is 10K
I represent Team Wolverina and our goal is $2000

Today I heard a fundraising plea on WQXR while I was giving water to a dog we walk. The guy said something to the extent of this “If you only had to pay 25 cents a day to hear all the programs on WQXR, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. That would be about $100 a year.” I loved the breakdown, the visual was very effective. So if you donated .20 cents a day to SWAR that would be $73 a year. 1 penny a day would be $36 a year.

Please consider donating to SWAR. Click on this link: